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Multiple Sizes Available (Choose: Baby, Mama, or Papa)
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    Jon Anderson- FIMOCREATIONS, One of a Kind Polymer Clay Sculpture

    Edition size: Open


    Horse Baby  $118.00
    Sculpture Size: 3 X 3.5 in.

    Horse Mama  $258.00
    Sculpture Size: 6 X 6 in.

    Horse Papa  $398.00
    Sculpture Size: 7.5 X 7 in.

    The Horse is so rich in legend and spirit as no single animal has contributed more to the growth of our civilization. Horse is symbolic of our desire for stamina and speed. They show us the power of independence and passion of freedom, while at the same time always remaining gentle, trustworthy and true. Horse is of the wind and inspires us to travel in new directions and explore not only the wildness in our environments, but the magical fires of our souls.

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